Music Note
Live Entertainment at the Williams Center
New Memory Productions is a new company that is organized to bring quality entertainment to Northern New Jersey. Upcoming shows will be presented at the Rutherford Congregational Church in cooperation with the Prospect Music Series. Our special thanks
go to all our supporters and fans of our concerts at The Rutherford Summer Music Concert Series in 2013.

Upcoming Events


Order Form



On-line at this website
By calling either 201-340-1583 or 201-340-1584
DOWNLOAD THE ORDER FORM and mail it to: New Memory Productions, P.O. Box 1581, Rutherford, NJ 07070.
• At Steve's Coin and Stamp Shop, 2 Franklin Place, Rutherford, 201-935-3737


Please call the numbers above for special discounted rates for tickets to three or more shows.


Ray Cetrelle sings at October 16th New Memory Productions Concert